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1956 Buick Super Riviera 4dr Model 53

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If you haven't visited my site, hop on over an give it a look. You'll find tons of 1956 Buick related information, from rare out-of-print manuals, advertising, dealership mailings... all kinds of memorabilia. All for free, and all to benefit the Classic Buick community. Enjoy!
I originally owned this car when I was in High School. My parents owned this car, and gave it to me when I turned 16. I kept it for 5 years and *regrettably* sold it when I was 21. Fourteen years later, I tracked her down and bought it back from the current owner. It is now safely tucked away at my house, beginning the restoration process. It's a good story, you can read about it over on my website.
Here she is, current state. I'm towing it home 12/26/02, after finding her in Bakersfield, CA. And in case you're wondering, 4200lbs of Buick is 200lbs greater than the rated tow capacity of UHaul's largest flatbed tow trailer. But don't tell Uhaul that... :)

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