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1965 Wildcat Convertible

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When I started searching for a car, I told my friend Tom that I was looking for a big, convertible BOAT. He found my Wildcat in the Auto Locator on a Friday. On Saturday, we went to Bethleham PA to see her for the first time.

It was love at first site! We told the gentleman selling her that we wanted to think it over during lunch and that we would call him back. We went to Friendly's and I called my wife at home.

She asked how we were making out. I responded by asking her to please go out and measure the length of our garage. She came back with 19.5 feet. We made it by a little over 1 foot.

The previous owner took excellent care of the car, so I haven't had to do a lot of work to her. Although we haven't officially christened her yet, we have taken to calling her the BLUICK.

Our other Buicks include a 1990 Park Avenue and a 2002 Rondezvous. My wife and I both agree that the smoothest ride of all three is the 65 Wildcat!

She is powered by the 401 and has a great purr as she cruises down the road.

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