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1953 Buick Special

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This is my 1953 Buick Special. I purchased it almost a month ago from an old man (who I think was a little crazy). I paid $1500 (canadian) for it and have probably put another $300 into getting it running and fixing all the oil leaks (there is about 3 litres of oil on my driveway).

The body obviously needs some work, but generally it is in pretty good condition. All the glass is perfect and I have all the chrome except for one piece around the windshield.

This is my friend Jason who has almost singlehandedly gotten the car in working order. I appreciate all the help he has given me because I would be lost without him.

This is me with the car as it is right now. We have taken the bumpers, grille and fenders off as we are starting on the bodywork.

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