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Wildcat '65

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Here is a picture of my Buick Wildcat. The car was sold in Phoenix, America but are since 1998 in Sweden where I bought it in 2002. As you might guess, I also live in this beautiful but from time to time cold country.

Iīm 26 years old and have always been interested in old cars from USA. In spring 2002 I bought this beauty and experienced a thrilling 350km trip home in my new Wildcat...

The car has original paint (Arctic White),somewhat faded, and are rust free. It has matching numbers, with the standard 325hp 6.6liter Wildcat 445 engine and Super Turbine 400 automatic transmisson.

The cat has also some options, such as air conditioning, power driverīs seat and power windows.

Plans for the future include a new paint, careful refreshments under the hood and a new interior carpet. I also think the air conditioning needs some service to work like new.



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