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1962 Buick Skylark

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This is my 1962 Buick Skylark. I just got it in March 2003, a present to myself on my 30th birthday. It has the 215 Aluminum V8, which was rebuilt about 400 miles before I got it, so it seems to be in very good shape.

It has a 5 speed transmission (most likely from an S-10) Overdrive is a plus. Much better mileage, which is a good thing, especially since this is my daily driver.

The interior is also pretty clean. All original upholstry on the seats. The carpet has been redone. It will probably need to be re-redone eventually. Apparently whoever did it didn't figure on daily use!

I am new to Buicks and classics in general, but have been having a blast with this car! It turns alot of heads. I would love to hear from other '61-'62 Skylark owners to compare parts sources or any common repair issues.

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