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1985 Buick Regal 'Dedicated'

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This is my 85. I got it in 92, with 88,000kms. Even with all the headaches and heartbreak this car has been a lot of fun to work on. I dedicated myself to making it as nice as I can. It now has just over 114,000kms.

The car is not equipped with any power options. I however equipped it with a 5.7 litre, 700R4, Grand National rear diff, and fibreglass cowl hood. The cruises almost last all night with the hypnotic rumble of the dual exhaust and the stereo softly playing tunes. Do you have to check your watch when you cruise in your Buick?

This Canadian owned car is put away for hibernation every winter. Every spring I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. As soon as a nice day comes my stomach gets kinda jumpy and I get all excited, I just can't wait to un-wrap it.(take the cover off and back it outside) Do you get the same way with your Buick?

The rear decklid decal says:




In remembrance of my father. He helped me out when I bought the car and was always willing to help me out whenever it had problems. No matter what he always liked my Buick. That's why I consider my car 'DEDICATED'. Thank You for visiting my page.

Mr. Buick, Ontario Canada

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