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1968 Buick Skylark Project

This is the car as it stood the day I found it. The main things wrong with it was surface rust on the body, one bad case of rust on the driver's lower quarter, wrong tranny, and an engine that turns over. I have not tried to start the car yet to see if it runs. I hope it does since the engine is a Buick 350 4-bbl.

As you can see I've got a little surface rust problem but nothing too major.

As you can see form this fender not too much rust here, just one spot by the corner of the door.

Ok not this is something I'm going to have to work on. It looks as though one of the owners tried putting the car onto a trailer just a tad too small and scrapped the quarter panel and tried to fix it with bondo. This will be some work.

Now here's where I'll have my work cut out for me. This is the major rust I have to contend with and can be seen on the bottom of the quarter panel in the grey area. This is some work.

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