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Buick Wildcat 1963

Hi there!! this is my 4 door 1963 wildcat.Car is sold new in florida to a lady named Malva Harris.Must have been a short lady because there are 1 inch spacers under the front seats!!.75 000 miles on odometer and i belive its true!I live in sweden in the nothern of europe where whe have snowy winters, but worse is that terrible salt they put on the roads.So nice collector cars stayes inside garage that time of year

The bumpers are not recromed.But they still looks great!!! I use the hitch to tow a caravan when wisiting carevents that are longer then just a day. Much more comfort then a tent!!

The interior is all original just an cd-player added (previous owner)which i want to hide somewere.4-door with bucketseats with consule and an original tachometer must be realy rare!?.Not that many other options..Power trunk,radio,gas door guard.Powersteering and powerbrakes is standard on Wildcat i think.

Matching numbers.445 Wildcat 325 hp.And a dynaflowtranny.The dynaflow makes the milage quite poor with a caravan after the car.I have change the orginal Wildcat rearratio from 3.42 to a little more plesant 2:78 from a 1963 Le sabre.

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